Background characters / Extras

Heyyy, I honestly don’t think anyone will respond but I am in need of backround characters for a gala/ball scene.
Please feel free to drop your character info and dm me on instagram @reneelondyn if you have any question!!



INK or LL?

here’s 2 of my chars i don’t have any of fancy outfits but… :blob_hearts: here’s my chars anywayy

LL, Sorry I should’ve been specific

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Thank you so much, you’re an angel!!

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np :blob_hearts:

Thank you! It means alot <3

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Me boi

Me girl

Insta: @timber.pup_

Here’s mine luv

My ig is @starg_azer12345

Omggg thank you I rly appreciate it!!!

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Ahhhh thank you sm bb<3

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You’re welcome

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skin: cooper 01

eyebrows: arched thin high (chestnut brown)

hair: long down wavy princess braid (light brown)

eyes: round medium (blue green)

face: heart soft

nose: round button upturned

lips: full round pouty (peach matte)

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Hi, You can use my character if you would like. :heart:

My character details

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Thanks so much love!!

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Thank you so much bby!!

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Can I get your name too?

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It’s Kirsty :heart:


can u tell me what ur story’s name is?
i wanna read it :blob_hearts:

i also have glasses (Cat Eyed Round Glasses Metalblack) if you cant add them in that’s fine. :relaxed:

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