Background characters for my new story: Connected Souls

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I’m Currently writing a story called: Connected Souls

It is a fantasy story!

Here are the main characters —>

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I would love it if I had some background characters from the community! If any of you do read it once its out it would be fun to see your character pop up in the backgroud somewhere haha.

Story Description:

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When a prophecy is made, can Bianca seek help
from a heartless creature to save the world
from utter chaos and destruction.

Background Character Form!
  • Character name:
  • Character pronouns:
  • Characters personality:
  • Characters details:
    -Characters style:

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Here’s my character, feel free to change her outfit

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Character name: Phoenix.
Character pronouns: She/her.
Characters personality: direct, sincere.
Characters details:

My character.

-Characters style: Prefer the colors white and blue.

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Hey, here’s mine. (:

  • Character name: Maë
  • Character pronouns: She/Her
  • Characters personality: Calm and curious
  • Characters details:

-Characters style: Feminine and colorful clothes (but you can adapt to whatever fits your story obviously)

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