Background Characters ( LL ) *Gods Alike*

Hi! I’m looking for characters for my story. Please list character details, outfit style, personality, and if you’d like me to credit you. ( If you have any questions my IG is @lei_episode ) :white_heart::white_heart::white_heart:


Outfit style: Grunge/Trendy/Artsy
Personality: Sarcastic, bold, down-to-Earth and caring.
Credit: @cheesybaconpizza

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Personality: Outgoing, smart, fun, kind, caring, strong, and enjoy teasing people

Boyfriend: Kai


Personality: Easygoing, funny, fun, cool, silly, charming and lovey dovey his girlfriend

Girlfriend: Ayame

Personality: Bossy, sassy, rude, short temper, bad@ss, fighter, overprotective, and dislike people telling her what to do


Personality: Unfriendly, quiet, loner, blut, smart, sometimes nerdy, listener, give advice, and he can be nice if no one annoy him

Credit : @ananya.episode On Instagram
Clothing: Any jeans and a top is fine.
Personality: shy kind of

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Ty, but can you change Kai’s name the love interest in my story has the same name.

How about Kaito? :slight_smile:

That’s fine, ty! :white_heart:

You’re welcome :wink: