Background characters {LL} {Open}


Hello! :wave: I’m in need of some Limelight features, male and female! I just need you to fill out the form and just reply ‘submitted’ because I tend to ignore notifications. :sweat_smile:

Thanks in advanced! :heart::blush:




what’s your story about? :slight_smile:


I submitted it :slight_smile:


Can I ask why I was tagged? :thinking::blue_heart:


I might’ve had the wrong person cause I’m very weak at the moment. But I saw it in another request for BG, I might be wrong.


I don’t post my story ideas on form that I’m writing anymore. Potential stealers.


I’m sorry, I have absolutely no clue what you’re referring to :joy::revolving_hearts:


Yeh, sorry wrong person. I don’t feel too good, I’m sorry.


No sorry, it’s okay! Feel better soon! :blue_heart: