*Background Characters*NEED HELP ASAP!



Im trying to get people in the background im trying to be in highschool with People in the background doing something but my character always be in the back i want everyone else in the back by but i want my readers to be in the front!Do any of you guys have Links or edvice?I need it very badly


INK or limelight


sorry thats my mistake i read it wrong




Or do you mean my story type im so confused it’s my first story on episode!


i read it wrong and i am sorry for the confusion but i don’t know how to do it i am sorry.


It’s Ok at least you still helped :slight_smile:



Aww that’s cute love the Character Btw


Thanks so much!:heart:


No Problem can you do me a favor and read this story for any you know feed back for me im new making episodes on a computer it will mean a lot here’s the link http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4644510476664832


Of course I can! I’d love for you to read mine as well when I finish yours. It would really mean a lot to me!


Oh my gosh, I have seen your cover before!