Background Characters Needed ASAP


I am on my 4th episode for my story “Pregnant By My…” and I need 5 characters ASAP


I could tottally help, what do you need me to do?? :grinning: :grinning:


I appreciate it :slight_smile: And all you have to do is create a couple of characters (mixture of boys and girls) and give me the details ( Name, gender, hair style, skin type, eye color, etc…)


I will then put them in my story and i will also give. A big shoutout to the creators


Np, do u want a certain Date?


Do you mind if I create a character for it? And is it ink or ll?


Would by Saturday work for you?




And i would love for you to create one




Great! :slight_smile:


Here you go:

Name: Malik Everett
Gender: Male
Hair Style/Colour: Long Dreadlocks (Black)
Skin type: Dark
Eye shape/colour: Gentle Almond (Brown)
Face shape: Diamond
Eyebrow type: Bushy Wide
Nose: Roman
Mouth shape/colour: Smirk (Dark)
Outfit: Large Stitch Jeans (Navy), Blue Open Plaid Shirt, Muscle Tank White, Blue High Top Dance Shoes


So far i used Malik and some other characters someone else made for me, you should check them out on my story Episode #4 (i change some of their outfits because they were at a party)


I can help :smiley:


there ya go :smiley:


Thanks! I will definitely use her and when i do i will definitely let you know ! What’s your episode username?


So i can give you credit at the end


Episode Fierra :3


thanks :smiley:


@HermanEpisode what is your episode unsername so i can give you credits at the end of episode #4?