Background Characters Needed (Extra)

I need some extra background characters for my Limelight story. If you’re interested, reply with your character info :slight_smile: Both guys and girls!

Eyes are missing, sorry, its brown eyes with i think its like “genetic” anything wide, this can be changed

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Sounds good! and what is her name? I can’t read it

Name: Saiko-Rai Rhosee Kang
(Pronounced Psycho-Ray Rosie Kang)

I dont know if youd need this but-
Appearance: clothing is usually black or grey and somewhat girly, so like a lot of skirts with cute tucked in jumpers or tops and pinafores/dungaree dresses (depending what you call them) with belly tops. Also a lot of high waisted jeans.

Love intrests: She’s Bisexual but is more romantically attracted to guys but is more attracted to girls in the sense of their appearance and laugh, like if they have a cute laugh she will swoon :joy:

Personality: very cute-sy but will snap your arm in seconds if you annoy her. She seems innocent due to her young appearance and sweet clothing choice. Sporty and daring yet cautious. Shy but loud, like shes not afraid to scream random stuff in public if no ones really pay attention but if shes with a new person she will be very mousy (quiet) and shy and will panic a lot. Shes also very determind, when she sets her mind on something she will try her best for it to work out but only if she has a reason.

These can all be changed if you do need them of course.

I like to include these incase theyre needed so ignore them if you dont need any of these xx


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