Background Characters Needed! { For my Horror story Bodyguard} Closed since i have many characters now!

Hi, I’m creating a Horror story named Bodyguard, about a girl named Amber who is hired to protect a model named Jasmine. I need some background characters for some parts, and I need help with that. If your interested please let me know. Also, I might have to change the clothes of your characters if that’s ok with you. I’m putting all the people who helped in the credits, so you will get some credit for helping! And ya that’s it I just need some help with background characters! Thanks!

P.S. If your interested please put your character card in the chat.

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Feel free to change clothes and hairstyle! My ig is @aite.writes

Here’s me :yellow_heart: :crazy_face:






Thanks so much Ayu for your help!

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You’re welcome :wink:

Thanks so much EtherealWitch!

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Thanks so much May.I.Write!

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here’s mine :see_no_evil:

Thanks you so much emstories.epsd!

no prob hon! and you can call me em :wink:

I can’t believe I’m getting this much help! Thank you all so much!

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goodluck on your story! :ok_woman:


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Thanks, Em!

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Can you tell me your body shape? Thanks!

Female generic :blush:

ok thanks!

character profile


why is it horror?

Well, because on google docs I wrote a horror story and I thought it would be cool to make an episode story. And thank you for letting me use your characters!