Background Characters Needed for my INK story!

I’m writing my first story in INK and i’m in need of background characters. Thank you to those who have responded with your character deets. You will be credited at the end of the chapter your character was used in. :slight_smile:


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profile ink

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Screenshot_2020-02-23 My Gift (Ink) Edit Outfits-Kai

Screenshot_2020-02-23 My Gift (Ink) Edit OutfitsYuna

Screenshot_2020-02-23 My Gift (Ink) Edit OutfitsHaru



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Good luck :grin: :revolving_hearts:

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hey!! sorry i dont have a pic :c
Name: Izzy
Eyes: Hickory, upturned bold
Lips: classic, blush
Eyebrows: thin arch
Nose: soft natural
Skintone: light
Hair: straight, black

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hey thank you so much and it’s alright no worries :slight_smile:
and can you also tell me your face shape? <3

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OH MY GODDDD WHY DO I ALWAYS LEAVE SOMETHING OUT :persevere: ahhaha sorry i always forget some, its soft heart :DD

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thank you so much and it’s no problem :wink:

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Hey here’s mine💗



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Here’s mine if you still need it :grin:

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