Background characters needed for my new story

Hi, im in need of background characters for my story.
send me your details if you’re interested and how you would like me to credit you.
I need both male and female characters. Thank you!
Needs to be LimeLight
Tell me:
• details of your character
• how i should credit you

Name of my story is “For My Lilac”! :smiling_face:


My forums and Instagram usernames are the same :v:

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Credit- Unknown_writer (as i don’t have ig)

ps: i actually don’t have any tattoo and piercing. I have short hair (neck length) so please use and short hairstyle. :pleading_face:

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is there a specific hairstyle you would like me to use? :smiling_face:

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thank you for the reply! :white_heart:

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Short Flipped Wavy Solid.

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you can use my character! credit me using @willow.writesss on insta

Credit instagram @ryder_epii

My username is the same on instagram and forums, @phoenix.brunet.:cherry_blossom:


Can credit me by just saying smth like @Catniss on forums


Feel free to use any of these outfits or if you wanna use your own plz try keeping her in darker colors or purple or blue ( darker shades of colors and black is welcomed ).

Moved to Art Resources since you’re looking for character details. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :smiley:

Here’s mine. (:

You can credit my username (schittwriter).

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can credit me with my IG handle @nayu.ep

Heyy, here’s mine :heart:

You can credit me as @Lxyi on the forums [instagram: @epi.laee2

how should I credit you? :smiling_face:

Just my epsiode forums name! Thanks!!!

I don’t know if you still need characters, but here’s mine (: You can credit with my @ !

Have you found everything you need, or are you still looking?