Background Characters needed for my story


Hi guys, I need about 14 characters in my story. So I thought, why don’t I ask others if they want to be in my story. At the end of my story, I will credit it anyone who was a character in it.

Note: I am using Limelight for my story.
Note: Only about the first 14 will be used.
Note: you may not get your preference if you want to be a main model or a background model.

Please fill out this form if you want to be in my story:

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Just to clarify, for the people asking - I am still taking submissions.
Don’t miss out!


I filled it out! Hope I get to be in it! :wink:


Thanks, I’m sure you’ll get in.



I hope I get to be!!!


I filled one out!!!


Thanks for submitting, Yes there is a spot left!

There is still more spots available for anyone else to be one!


Submitted! Wish I could have sent a guy application but I’m excited anyways.


If you want you can be one of the main male characters in my story. Private Message me the details If you want to.


Hey, is there any spot left?


Yeah, there is. But it’s mostly background models only.


Yeh, I’m fine with that… I’ll fill the form right now


Done!!! I hope I’ll be in your story!


Thanks so much!


@LivLoveDance7 it was very kind of you to make this thread!!


Thanks for making this thread and good luck to your story!


I have decide to allow more models in my story so spots are still available!


I filled it out, I hope I’m in your story!




Last chance to be a background character. 4 spots available.