Background Characters Needed for "Star Signs"

I’ll use both, thank you!

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I’ll use Gustavo, thank you!


Aliens(choose whatever color you think suits)

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Feel free to use my character


Credit me by my insta evelina_4569

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I don’t mind at all!

It sounds quite intriguing and I’m excited to see how you write them. :eyes:

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So… speaking of unusual, I present to you…
A Human-Alien Hybrid!

Clothes Used

Character Details

Name: Aluna Silveik (feel free to change)
Body: Female Generic Body, Neutral 01
Brow: Round Thin High, Black Dark
Hair: Wavy Long, Warm White
Eyes: Angular Slender, Ice Blue
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips: Full Round Pouty, Royal Blue Gloss


Credit me with my forums please!

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So… speaking of unusual, I present to you…
A Human-Alien Hybrid!

Thank you, I can use this in a later scene, but with one change: as a hybrid the skin will be the light blue, rather than the normal dark blue of the blue caste. Side note; Well-spotted that the preferred clothing colours of the blue are silver, and the green, gold.

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Added CAMILA and TREYZERE, thank you!

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but the name in the pic is not my name

my name’s FAIROZ

Haha ty!

At the end of the chapter I have the guest cast assembled as you see, with ReaderNote messages for credit for each. I’ll do this for each episode where there are guest characters.

It took a while to work out the spacing, so if anyone’s interested, I’ll post the code here.

Background characters used in Episode 1:

Oops, some of the characters had their eyes closed when I took the screen capture. Isn’t that always the way? Take a group picture and someone has their eyes closed or a weird look on their face or something? :lol: