Background Characters Needed For The Alpha & The Hybrid Witch (LL) ASAP please

i need about 30 to 40 new background characters
send me your characters & outfits and i’ll add them
male & female


you could always just write male1 male2 and so on and let the randomizer make them. that is what I do.

i dont do that for my stories each character aside from the ones i made are characters made by people from the episode community

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okay so this is my fantasy character please let her wear her breacelet at all timesss

Click me ooooh ooohh

Here are a few of my old characters :wink:

Click on me too!

Here are a few characters from an unpublished story that I haven’t worked on in awhile :laughing: :sweat_smile:

And here are my details :blob_hearts:

Tag me and let me know if you ever use them!

U can use mine :blob_hearts:

need an outfit <3

need outfits please <3