Background characters needed (Ink)(fantasy)

Hey Guys,
I need background Characters for my upcoming Ink story. I need 5 females and 3 males. It’s a Fantasy story so tell me if you want to be a fairy, a shellycoat, a Werewolf, a normal human, an elf, etc. Send me the design of your character and I will Pm you if I will add you to my story.

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Hi @Epi.Starlight I have a bunch of characters for you (if you use them please notify and credit me EM❤️EPISODE)


I would like to be an elf :slight_smile:


She doesn’t wear shoes because she likes to run free and it makes her feel uncomfortable when her feet are trapped in shoes xD She always wears a coat because she is always freezing cold due to her water powers, that make her wet a lot. She can be shy and antisocial at times. Fierra is very good when it comes to archery, writing and singing. Fierra also never takes off her headphones because she likes to not talk to people, so she wants to show the fact that shes listening to something and she doesn’t want to talk. When she doesn talk, her voice is very squeacky and strange due to the fact the barely ever talks.

Good day xox

Thank you guys!:heart_eyes: I defenitely use them

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