Background Characters Needed [INK] (HELP!) ❤️


HEY PEEPS! :heartpulse:
I’m Sophbee, some might already know me from my art thread (Pay a visit if you want me to do edits for you!). I’m writing a story and I think it would be nice if I let other fellow writers to be the background characters in my story (You could also get a bigger role in my story!) :grin:

This will help me to save more time when writing story since I can avoid wasting time on creating different facial looks and outfits for each background character especially male characters. I would need about 20 people at least? I’m not sure if it’s possible but every help from you guys are highly appreciated. I’ll try to make sure that every background characters would have at least a dialog. This story uses ink style. Also, comment down below if you guys want to be credited or not. :hugs:

In return, I could do edits for you guys if you want? Just visit my thread, request and use the code ‘WTC SZBEE’ (Yeah, it sounds ‘unique’) to catch my attention. However, I gotta remind you that you’ll need to be a patient person when requesting arts from me since I’ve got a pretty hectic life. Okay, enough about my art thread :sweat_smile:

That’s all, thank you for spending a few moments of your time to read my thread and do me a favor :heart_eyes_cat:Doing good things like helping other people isn’t that hard hence click the link below and fill out the form for your character! Comment down below if you have submitted the form. Have a nice day! :love_letter:

Link to the form

Link to my art thread

Sophbee's Art Thread ✨ (CLOSED TO CATCH UP)
Sophbee's Art Thread ✨ (CLOSED TO CATCH UP)

Alright, I filled it out. I hope your story comes along well. ^^


Thanks for your help!


Submitted. Good luck with your story. :smile:


Submitted… Hope I get to be in it and good luck


Hope I’ll get a chance to be in your story & Good luck. :heart:


Thanks for all the help! :heart:️ Need more


Submitted! :blush:


Thanks :slight_smile: More please? :sparkling_heart:


Good luck with your story…


I filled in your form. Good luck with writing your story!! (I would love to be in it :rofl: :blush: :kissing_heart:




I can submit another is you would like? :slightly_smiling_face:


Submitted one!


I submitted!


I already filled it out. What is your story called?
Hope everything works out.


Thanks for all your help and support :two_hearts: It’s still open btw :hugs:


I haven’t confirmed the title for the story yet cuz I’m pretty bad at choosing title for story. Basically it’s a high school story but not too romance. The genre is drama with a touch of comedy. Stay in touch if you wanna know what it is about cuz I’ll post the story anytime in July :wink:




I’ve already submitted! I can’t wait. :slight_smile: