Background characters needed! ink style <3

Hi everyone,
I am currently writing my very first story and am in desperate need of background characters and characters that fit into popular high school cliches (bad boys, mean girls etc.) if you do use the cliche characters, please state what cliche they could belong to.
The characters need to be in the INK style.
Please reply with your characters name, look and outfit (with their names e.g. soft heart, ) and please send as many as you would like!
I will give credits at the end of each chapter using your character, IF, you specifically ask for it.

Kind Regards, Dahlia.

here my character

Hi, DangerousDiva
Thankyou sooo much for your characters,
could you please tell me their possible names though?

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You can name them

Okay, will do.
would you like credit for them?

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I will be sure to let you know when i publish my story :grin::grinning:

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Here is a couple of characters :slight_smile: :

  1. Xandra. She is part of the rich, stuck up cliche.

  2. Nia. She is really smart and very confident and doesn’t take crap from anyone. (Not sure what group that goes in?)

  3. Bree. Bad girl cliche.

  4. Brandon. Bad boy cliche.

I hope this helped! :slight_smile: Please could you credit @sophie_episode :smile:

This helped me heaps!
I will let you know when i publish my story :smile:

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