Background characters needed (ink)

Need some background characters for my story will give credit on either Instagram or episode forums if you want your character to have lines will also do that just give me:
Character name:
Character details:
Character outfit::
Instagram/episode forum name:

Males needed

My Instagram is @purple_ghost13 and I don’t care if my character has lines or not.

Details and Name



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Details with Name

Name: Mystery


Episode forum name will be fine to me

Details and outfit are below.
Name: Giang
Instagram: @gienginepi

Skin: Fair
Eyes: Upterned Feline (toffee)
Mouth: Classic (blush)
Nose: Elven
Face: Soft Heart
Eyebrows: Thick Flat
Hair: Double Bun Updo (Black)

Character name: Clarke
Character details: Umber skin, Crimson Lips, Long Faux Hawk - Chestnut Brown, Oval face, Refined nose, Thick lips, Upturned Luxe eyes - Purple, Eyebrows Thin Curved,
Character outfit: black button down skirt, wedding top lace (peach), lacey heels(peach), diamond heart necklace, black boho bracelet, black boho feather earrings,
Instagram/episode forum name: @clarkies.eps on insta :smile:

Character Name: Charlie
Character Details: Tan Skin, Soft Heart Face, Beach Wave Hair-Black, Smooth Arch Eyebrows, Upturned Bold eyes-Light Blue, Upturned Nose,Full Round Lips-Bordeaux
Character Outfit: Hipster Glasses-Black, Beige High Tops, Gray Beach Day Tied Cutoff Shirt, Dark Denim Jeans
Forum Name:@Nouat_2005

Here are my character details. I hope to be in your story. My characters name is Olivia


Outfit: Trendy black top, yellow pencil skirt, heels (chose any)

What’s your character’s name and what’s does here outfit look like

All characters will be used in my story

forum name: @Eva123

If you still need characters, I would love to be in your story! xx

Is there a chance I can change your name since my character is also called charlie

sure. make my name Sasha

Name: Lola


I noticed you didn’t have any guys yet feel free to use Matt and Vince if you need
Whatever outfit is fine. Blue paisley dress and brown country chic boots is what I believe I have her in. Lol
Forum name: @Chay

Thanks for the characters will use your males for now but may use lola in a later chapter

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Whats your Instagram/forum name


@Tangled_charlie do you need any more?
here are some (please let me know if you use any)


I am using your boys because I have a lack of boys compared to girls,