Background characters needed! (INK)

Hi everyone.
I need some INK background characters for a story I’m working on.
Credit will be given on both Instagram and in the story,

So drop your name and details below and let me know how you want to be credited!

Thank you :grin:

Hey doll!

me and my team could make you some bg characters! and some outfits if your in need! if you don’t see the form in the link tree you can just dm the handle at the top and we’ll have them to you quickly!
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Here ya go if u want a male character

Skin tone - Caramel
Eyebrows - Bushy Wide
Hair - Short cropped hair (black)
Eyes - Sloping Innocent (black)
Face - Defined triangle
Nose - Button
Mouth - Uneven (terracotta)

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Thank you!

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Anytime :grin:

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Thank You :grin:

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No problemo! :heart:

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