Background Characters Needed! (Limelight)

Hello, hello, my name is Blake Moreno!

I’m currently in the process of writing and drafting a series called Souls of Nothing. With this series, there are a few spin-off Episode only titles that I’ve been thinking of making, with the first being Reverb. I need background characters to fill up the background of different scenes; whether it be students in the halls to every day people.

So then! Please fill out the form below, and please let me know once you have done so. And, you may fill out the form as many times as you like, as long as its not excessive, ofc.
I currently don’t have a cap. number for background characters, but once I get rolling with making the episode, I’ll close it. It might open up again after a few chapters, but we’ll see.

Also, I would highly advise that you leave your Episode username (for the app or the forum) if you would want credit for you character. If you do leave your Instagram user, that’s alright. I do have instagram but not for Episode.

You can also leave pictures of your character if you decide to do so for me to check out! Who knows, maybe they’ll become an recurring character in future installments.


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Submitted… only have forums

Thank you for submitting! ^^

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Thank you for submitting! And that’s alright owo)

Submitted! HermanEpisode is my user for both.

Thank you for submitting! I can’t wait to include them!

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I submitted!

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I submitted
Instagram: stories_of_my_fantasy

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I filled it out! ;D

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@Episode.BriarRose @Story_of_my_fantasy @dasha_author sorry for being a bit late, but thank you all for your submissions!