Background Characters Needed (Limelight)!

Limelight background character needed for my thriller entry! Please fill out the form - only I can see them!

(Please let me know if the form is editable >.< )

u know abt the new feature that episode actually can make randomized characters?

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@LI05 Yep, I know about it, but it takes me ages to randomise all the characters and also I thought it might be nice for people to be in a story too, because a lot of the extras would have lines too! I like seeing other Episodians in the stories, it makes it feel more like a community. :grin:

okay :woman_shrugging: if it was me i would just use the feature. And it doesn’t really take a long time i made ten characters in less then 3 minutes… just make random background character names and if you don’t like how someone looks just pick the randomizer button. but of course its fine how you are doing it :slight_smile:

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