Background Characters Needed! [LL]

Hey everyone! I’m writing a college story and I’m going to need a TON of background characters! But it’s not just any college, it’s a demigod college! Lmao, all of the students will be the children of Greek Gods but I want them to be diverse! So please help me by sending in character details I can use in my story.

Please be sure to tell me all of your character details and which god/goddess you’d like to be your parent. I WILL BE TAKING 5 MAXIMUM FOR EACH GOD. (optional: tell me if you’d be okay if I changed your eye color to better match the god and if you’d like to be notified when or if lmao I publish my story!)

Feel free to send in as many characters as you’d like! bc I’m not sure enough people will reply oop As long as spots are open, it’s fair game :wink: Thank you for your help!

  • Demeter [1 SPOT LEFT]
    Goddess of Agriculture & the Harvest
    Outfit Color Scheme: green, brown, yellow
    Julian | @Sunset_Shimmer Lynn | @weebmaster (x2) |

  • Hera [1 SPOT LEFT]
    Goddess of Marriage & Queen of Olympus
    Outfit Color Scheme: blue, green, white/gold
    @veganwater | @Belpix | Mystique | @Some_kid |

  • Hermes [1 SPOT LEFT]
    Messenger of the Gods
    Outfit Color Scheme: white, gold
    Caleb | Adriel | Naomi | Aya |

  • Poseidon [1 SPOT LEFT]
    God of the Sea
    Outfit Color Scheme: blue
    @ItzKastinR (x2) | @Spade.02 | Jacques |






PS: Yes, you may change their eyes color.


Can I be an Aphrodite god?

U can change her eye color

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Thank you!! These helped a lot! <33

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Of course!! What do you want your character to be named?

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ou maybe an artemis goddess? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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you got it!

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You’re welcome :wink:

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I got one! Hold on tho!

Could ask make you two? @KellyT

details about her

skin-gold 02
brow-high arch angeld - Black Dark
face-square defined
eyes-round medium - Brown Dark
nose-defined natural
lips-full round flat top skin - beige light gold matte
hair-side sweep updo long - Black Dark
{yes! you can change your eyes!}
Hera Goddess
you can name her :blush:

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Can you save me an Ares spot?

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You can change her eye color
And if you need a name for her, I named her Callie

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I wanna be Apollo! You can change my outfit and eye color :slight_smile:

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Name:Rose or Rosaline
Skin colour:Rose 00
Face shape: long diamond
Eyes: monolid slender. colour:deep blue
Mouth:full heart pouty. Colour: warm pink
Hair:Long curls. colour:dark brown
Eyebrows:arched thin high. Colour:dark brown
Nose: Grecian soft


I have many more if ya need

I want to be aphrodite goddess

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Extras: Nose stud silver, and Lace Forearm Tattoo
Can I be the daughter of Hades?

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You could ask @riley_rowen
At her outfit shop

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Can I be a Aphrodite image

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Can I be an Aphrodite @KellyT
My outfit is above