Background Characters Needed PLZ!

I am in the middle of making my 2nd story on Episode. I need background characters. I already posted on my Instagram @alliee.epy by the way - give me a follow. I made a contest out of it but only a few people entered. It would really help if you entered the contest. I will also be checking this post if you want to drop your name, deets (ink only), and Insta name.

~Like this post
~Leave your name, character deets (INK ONLY), character outfit, and Instagram account name
~Follow me on Instagram (Instagram above)

What you will get:
I will be giving you a background character and credit (unless you rather stay unknown if so DM me on Instagram) I will also be spinning a decision wheel 3 times to decide which 3 people get an important character in my story (such as Bestfriends of the MC’s or villain)

1st Place: Main Villian
2nd Place: Girl MC’s Bestfriend
3rd Place: Guy MC’s Bestfriend

Acceptable Characters:
I am only taking INK style characters so NO LIMELIGHT!!!
Girl or Boy Characters (Doesn’t matter)

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