Background Characters needed

For my new Ink story I need some background characters.
These characters will be models and other background characters when needed.

Here are the roles that are needed (Some are already filled out)
Main Characters

Mean Girl

Background / Main Models Girls

Background Characters Girls

Male Characters:

Makeup Artist:

  • No.1(Female): @Eva123 as Eva
  • No.2 (Male - Name must be Francesco): Available

If you want to be a character in my story, post below your character descriptions!
All characters will be credited


Yay, I’m so glad that I’m one of the main characters!!! :blush:

Can i be a character?? If i can, just gimme any slot :smiley:

Yeah sure.

Yay thnx :relaxed:

Just send me the character details :sweat_smile:


Can I be the mean girl?

Sure, just send me the character details!

PM you for male character ?


I’d love to be a background character if you still need one

Yes, there is still spots available. Send me the character details and you will be in my story! xxx

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You can use me if you would like. Where ever you need me

Thanks, just send me your character details

Sorry I’m new to this how do I send u my character details??

Hey! If any spot is still available I would like to be one.

Yeah, there is a spot available.

Just take a screen shot and upload it to this post or type your character details like this:

Hair colour: