Background characters needed¡!

Hey guys so for my upcoming chapter I will be needing alot of characters for a theme park scene, so drop your deets or any character details you have! :))


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Hey here’s my character and her LI

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Here is some of my characters

The Asians

here is mine , you can label them as the silver’s twin :joy: :blob_hearts:

taylor details (female)

body type : athlete
skin : neutral 03
hair : long down wavy princess braid (dark black)
eyes : generic (brown black)
eyebrows : arched natural scar (dark black)
face : diamond
nose : round button
lips : full heart (deep red matte)
extras : nose stud silver , tribal sleeve tattoo , skull and stars chest tattoo , snake and rose tattoo ink multicolor

tyler details (male)

body type : athlete
skin : neutral 03
hair : undercut short straight texture (dark black)
eyes : deepset downturned lidded (brown black)
eyebrows : arched medium (dark black)
face : chiseled square stubble shaved
nose : straight pointed
lips : full heart natural (rose light nude matte)
extras : nose stud silver , full body tribal skull lace ink black , floral thigh tattoo solid

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my LL deets ❤

Hope you use it!

He was just going to play Hamlet in a theater in one of my stories. I personally like to call him Winston Smith.