Background Charcters/ Main Characters needed!

Hi!! I am currently writing an episode story and I need more characters. If you are interested comment below. Tag people down below that you think would want to enter.

Story description

When Simon mysteriously dies, four teens decide to solve the mystery of his murder. Phoebe is a straight A student, has anxiety that sometimes controls her life, and has a huge crush on the hot boy next door has reason to believe that her father was involved in the murder. Adriana’s mom is a convicted felon and her dad and her move from LA to a small town, Roswood. She is always the life of the party, fights for what she believes is right, and when she moves to Rosewood she is labeled “the girl who’s mom went to jail.” Mason, just like Adriana, is a loner, but mason has been a loner for his whole life. He’s a journalist and is the ONLY member of the school news paper, The Red and Silver. Carter, former best friend of Mason, is now one of the most popular kids in high school. He lives next door to Phoebe Williams. What will happen when they look for Simon’s killer?



Hi! In what style are you writing?


Thank you!! Do you have a preference on your character’s personality

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Okay, I would like to be in your story lmao. I’ll message you tomorrow with my character​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Hi thank you so much you will be in my story just do you want to be more of a main or background character

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Hi please give details of your character meaning name and how she look

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I’ll do it tomorrow when I’m home from school, if that’s okay?

Main would be cool and whatever personality :blush:


Name: Ayame
Hair: Long Curly Hair (Light Blue)
Face: Diamond
Eyebrows: Seductive Round
Eyes: Upturned Bold (White)
Nose: Upturned
Mouth: Classic (Plum)
Body: Ink female (Fair)

Outfit: Green Lace Peek Blouse, Goth Girl Skirt, Plain Sheer Leggings, Emerald Sporty Chic Sneakers , Silver Pendant Necklace ,Silver Rising Star Earrings, Rectangular Thin Glasses

Personality: Quiet type, a bit loner, and short temper. She may looks mean, but she is kind once you get to know her better.

Name: Kai
Hair: Spiked up hair (blasting blue)
Face: Square jaw
Eyebrows: Thin Arch
Eyes: Classic round (purple)
Nose: Button
Mouth: Small round (blush)
Body: Light

Outfit: Cool Leather Jacket, tank top (cream), Cargo Pants (Black), and Black High Top Dance Shoes

Personality: Easygoing, funny, smart and loves messing with people

Let me know when you publish your story :smiley:

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I’d like to have this character featured as Carter if that’s okay? :slight_smile: (Fun fact, I also created a character named Carter :sweat_smile: :joy: )

Skin Tone: Mocha
Face: Diamond
Eyes: Round Piercing (Brown)
Eyebrows: Thick Arch
Hair: Long Dreadlocks (Black)
Lips: Smirk (Terracotta)
Nose: Refined
It doesn’t matter what he wears.
Thank you! :grin:

My character’s name is Julie.
Skin color; Umber
Eyebrows: Medium soft arch
Hair: Beach wave (Black)
Eyes: Upturned Feline (Taupe)
Face: Oval
Nose: Elven
Lips: Full Round (The lip color depends on the outfit.)

MY IG: epi_faith.s
Im fine with any role

Main Charcter please if that’s okay
Personalty : Loner / shy / kind / when you reach out is sweet

i can be apart of you story if you want!
face shape: soft heart
nose: Elven
eye:Upturned Bold
eye colour (in straya we spell colour differently) : blue
lips: classic
lip colour: cherry red
hair: beach waves
hair colour: fawn
brows: Seductive Round
skin: taupe
outfit: Black Ridged Moto Jacket, Military Pants, Black Cupcake Gal Tank, Black Military Chic Boots, moon necklace
name: Olivia but i like to be called liv thanks
personality: caring, fun and protective of my friends and family
hobbies: video games and motorbikes mainly a harley davidson and food