Background clarification


Hi everyone!

So I uploaded my own background for the very first time. Firstly, if I take an image from Instagram is that considered plaigraising? If I credit the page I got the image from does that mean all will be good?

Also you must label your background “INT.” - blah blah blah. I tried writing “INT. BEDROOOM”. But for some reason it didn’t work. Does anyone know why this is the case and what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks everyone !
Sel x


INT. BEDROOM does not work because it is already a background that episode made.:slightly_smiling_face:


You have to read the disclaimer to know that. A lot of editors just need a credit in your story or on Instagram :slight_smile:


I wrote INT WALKIN but that didn’t work either :frowning:


Thanks heaps! If the background gets approved, I’ll definitely be giving credit to the person who had that background.


Don’t forhet the dot :wink:


Thankyou so much. You’ve been really helpful! I appreciate it.


Before you disappear, I also wanted to quickly say. I uploaded the background and am waiting for Episode’s approval on it. But when I went back into UPLOADS or my backgrounds, I cant seem to find the one I uploaded.

I understand if it was there and it wrote pending but it isn’t :frowning:


Refresh the page :slight_smile:


You have to write INT. BEDROOM - DAY or night whichever you have


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: