Background copyrights

I’m getting the majority of my backgrounds off the internet. I’m struggling to find backgrounds that will suit my story on copy right free websites such as ‘unsplash’ or ‘pixabay’. Also, is it okay to you images off pinterest ?

No, most Pinterest images are copyrighted unless you are able to track down the original image owner and get their permission.


Okay thank you <3

As @anon6748744 explained, Pinterest is not a good site to take images from because of copyright reasons. Here are my suggestions if Unsplash, Pixabay and Pexels isn’t working for you:

I recommend looking through people’s Google Drives for backgrounds, or!
FlowerGriefer also has a ton of backgrounds in her thread and updates it regularly as well :purple_heart:
You may also look through my Google Drive, though I have more overlays than background haha.
Alexa_episode, Wincy and J.Miley also have websites/Drives on Instagram that I recommend :sparkles:
Annndddd there’s the Official Background Sharing Thread where I’ve found a lot of cool backgrounds also :blush:

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Ahhhhh, your such a saver

Thank you :sparkling_heart:

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Episode Life is also a good site, it has backgrounds which are specifically designed for use in Episode! The only requirement is that you need to credit the artist who made the background there (:

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I also have a background drive. You can find examples on my thread on the forums, or see them on my Instagram @ cheyara_writes58

Hey can I use some of your drive backgrounds? I will give you the credits, ofc.

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Of course you can! :two_hearts:

You’re welcome! Happy to help :blush:

Thank you so much : )

Thank youuuu, I will go check them out now <3