Background cover for big and small

I need someone to do a cover for my new story if you know how to can you comment on this topic

I actually make my own backgrounds & covers, so I can totally help! I’ll just have to learn how to send you the finished piece that I’ve edited. Hope I could help! :grin:

Sure just upload it on here

I need your story details. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Story title
  • Character details (if you want characters)
  • Author name
  • Type of emotions associated with the background cover (sad, happy, terrified, angry, etc.)
  • Etc. (Other specific details you want on the cover)

Also, do you want it through the forums, or through E-mail?
My Email:

Sorry for the late reply. :worried: Originally about 20-25 minutes after you posted this, I created my reply, but because of some weird rule, I had to wait 12 hours (I know!!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:) until I could start replying to posts on the forums. Hope you read my reply though ~ for any questions just reply to me on the forums or my G-mail! :blush:


Story title

My Life is a Lie

Character details (if you want characters)

I want the mc but she is gonna be customized so it doesnt matter for her details

I want her parents i don’t mind as long as they look like her

And her long lost twin sister anf her brother fon’t mind what they look like as long as they look similiar to the mc

Author name


Type of emotions associated with the background cover (sad, happy, terrified, angry, etc.)

Sad terrified and angry

Etc. (Other specific details you want on the cover)

The title

The author

Thats it

Don’t know how long this is going to take me, but I’ll try to have it done by today! :slight_smile:

I realized I had homework, so I had to finish that… aaand now I’m done!:blush:

Don’t know when I’ll have it done, but I’m probably guessing tomorrow, but hopefully today.

  • I need characteristics of the characters!

EX: Maybe give me a summary of the story, I need to know more about the characters. Don’t know if this makes sense but, if I put the mom doing arms_crossed_angry, it might give off a vibe that she didn’t want the other twins. But maybe it wasn’t her choice and she’s sad but happy to see them again. Did the dad get rid of them, if so, do I need to make him look angry. Are the long-lost brother and sister surprised that they had a twin, or did they not know about her so they’re shocked, or do they hate the MC for staying with the parents? If so, I might need them to be angry. Are one of the characters gothic, for example, the twin sister, do I need to make her wear certain clothing? I need those characteristics.

Basically I need the characters feelings, the types of clothing they wear, and other details like that

  • I’m also thinking about having the MC in the middle, her parents to the side, and the siblings on the other side. Don’t know if I should make the parents arguing because maybe the mom hates him for leaving her children, and the dad is arguing with her. Do the long-lost brother and sister get along? Because I’m thinking of having the twin sister have dripping mascara while the brother is holding on to her, comforting her. Who’s the oldest and who’s the youngest out of the three children? Because if the brother is older, he might know about the other sister. Are the long-lost siblings living together, and do they know each other? Did they know of the MC’s existence?

For the background, where do you want the background to be in, Is there a specific house where they all meet. And how do they meet for the first time? I might want a sort of background to remind them where they all met (siblings) and knew of their existence for the first time. Like they saw each other at the park. Or do you want a background where they’re on a background like a wallpaper that’s not in a certain setting?

Thx! :heartpulse:

Guess I’ll wait for your response tomorrow!:slightly_smiling_face:

Can you help me with some background I’ll snd you the details :sweat_smile::smiley:

I can’t really start @Faizahj786 cover because I don’t have the necessary information to edit it.

I can do your background in the meantime :heart:

Just one question: Will the information be sent through the forums or through e-mail? :thinking:


Nvm, saw that your cover has already been done :blush:

@Anushkaannette I can take the request :heart:

@Estefi are you still taking requests to have you make covers and background cover? I’m very interested on getting some new covers made

Of course

I just need to finish a background for someone else☺️

I should finish the other background if I have no HW

Awesome thank you so much

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