Background Covers

Hi, I am working on a story and I tried to create a cover myself and gave it a go twice and realised that I do not have the skills to create covers so I was wondering if anyone could create a cover for me or any tips on how to create covers for the future. Many thanks x


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Sure! Thanks for tagging me :wink:

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Hi! I’d love to help out with your covers!

Hey, thank you for offering to help me with my covers I really appreciate it!

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No problem!

I’m really new to episode and I was just wondering can you do a small cover and a large cover?

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Sure! Send me the details hun.

Hey, that’s not nice. She already asked me and you can’t advertise for yourself.

Sorry. I was having breakfast and I apologize if I was gone for 15 minutes.

Nothing. I want to help.

What matters is that if I can’t do it you can say it after

Hi. I didn’t take an hour. If I did, I was simply enjoying my family’s company before I leave to college for the next year. I don’t want to start any drama. Can I have my personal life too?