Background Covers


Hi, I am working on a story and I tried to create a cover myself and gave it a go twice and realised that I do not have the skills to create covers so I was wondering if anyone could create a cover for me or any tips on how to create covers for the future. Many thanks x




Sure! Thanks for tagging me :wink:


Hi! I’d love to help out with your covers!


Hey, thank you for offering to help me with my covers I really appreciate it!


No problem!


I’m really new to episode and I was just wondering can you do a small cover and a large cover?


If she can’t I can :wink: and if you want examples let me know


Sure! Send me the details hun.


Hey, that’s not nice. She already asked me and you can’t advertise for yourself.


You hadn’t replied for an hour, I didn’t know if you were doing it or not and how is it advertising if I say


Sorry. I was having breakfast and I apologize if I was gone for 15 minutes.


What’s your problem?


Nothing. I want to help.


I said “If she can’t” not I will do it, I even Bolded it so that way she would read if she can’t.

Unlike a certain someone (not you lol) I don’t have joy stealing someone’s request.


What matters is that if I can’t do it you can say it after


Ok sorry I don’t have time for your BS right now if you want to argue pm me. Simply trying to help someone because I have NO clue if you have done it or not and Idk about you but it doesn’t take me an hour+ to eat breakfast


Hi. I didn’t take an hour. If I did, I was simply enjoying my family’s company before I leave to college for the next year. I don’t want to start any drama. Can I have my personal life too?


You’re starting to piss me off right now. But let me ask you this How the hell was I supposed to know what you were doing I really have no clue why your get so bitchy with me but like I said it’s starting to piss me off.