Background Creation!


so previously i uploaded these pictures as my own backgrounds and it was declined … which i then realized it most likely was because of the hillary clinton picture and i was wondering if someone could cut it out and change it to the letter Z on a frame ? and make an overlay of the dresser and doorway ? for both night and day


I can’t do the dresser and doorway but how are these for the picture? :slight_smile:


I think the problem could be the fact that this is an Episode hidden background Episode used for it’s featured story.


yesss thank you so much !


i don’t think so i’ve seen multiple people use this background but changed the hillary picture


I have the dresser overlay, only for the night version though


okay thanks so much that’s fine !


how do i credit you ?


and how do i credit you ?


You can just use my author name, which is noelle and you are very welcome! :slightly_smiling_face::heart: