Background Credit (and Edit)

Anyone know who made this? And can someone make turn this into a night version? I know about the one in the portal, but this one is a different colour overall.


Unfortunately, without knowing who created it and their rules of use, I don’t think many people here would be willing to edit someone else’s work. You can however, do something like:

INT. BG NAME - DAY with EFFECT DIM 60 at layer 0
&overlay DIM60 create from EFFECT DIM 60 and overlay DIM60 opacity 1

^^this way you will double the dark effect, but be able to play your characters behind the 2nd. It should darken the room enough to be a convincing night background without the characters being blacked out too much or needing to edit anything. :slight_smile:

I believe this bg is from Google:

And would this be ok?

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