Background dancing characters and more

Hey I need a background of dancers in a club can anyone help with coding,
Also I need coding for when someone is speaking and the other person rolls their eyes too.


Welcome to the community. What specifically do you need?

Welcome to the community!

Which club do you need? And what style?

&CHARACTER1 starts eyeroll_sarcastic

                 CHARACTER2 (animation)

Thank you!!

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Hey, i just need to the next scene to already have dancers in the background people drinking etc I want to have about 10 extras in the back just partying as the MC walks in

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For the club bit in fine, but I just need some dancers in the background people partying already in the scene so when the MC walks in everyone’s already partying

Do you want the code or the characters?

The code the scene is at one of the schools frat party background I have about 12 background characters. I need 8 of them dancing 2/8 with each other another 2 just talking whilst another two kiss. Is that okay?

What’s the background?

Face shape: oval
Skin tone: tan
Nose: upturned
Hair: straight black
Eyebrows: seductive arched
Lips: blosom scarlet
Eyes: upturned feline green

Character look. Can she also wear something…revealing? :joy::kissing_heart:

The background is- INT. HOUSE.PARTY -NIGHT