Background does not exist?!

So, I uploaded a background, it was approved and used in a previous story.
I’m doing sort of a recap of that same story,
I copied and pasted it from the other story . (Which is using that same background and published with no error message.)
I know it isn’t spelled wrong or anything because I took directly from the other story, but it still says it doesn’t exist.
Initially when it happened, I got irritated and just replaced it with an Episode background. But then, it did it again with another uploaded background.
I can’t figure out what’s wrong.

Has anyone else had this problem?

make sure that thr background spelling from the other story is spelling correctly and it is approved. I know u may still say it, but just still check and see.


I did. :frowning:
There were no errors and it’s published.

i mean to put it for your new recap story script, not the old one.


Can you post a screenshot of your script, there could be another error in your script causing this?

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Oh, I see. Yes, I did that too, lol

You’re right!! Thanks!! ha ha.

lol it worked?

Sort of. I guess. lol
So, it turned out there were about 4 other errors and I corrected those and saved it and it just disappeared. lol