Background doesn't exist?

So I’ve uploaded a background, it was approved, and I paste it into my script. It says it doesn’t exist. Here’s the script:


@YOU stands screen center AND YOU faces right AND YOU is idle_rear

Thank you! The style’s limelight if anyone was wondering. :grin:

Well, i did have the same problem really. But I guess the background does appear while you preview it on the app. refresh your page and try

This means that there is an error before or after you entered in the background name. Can you post a screenshot of your script please?

@TriSarahTops Just check it you typed the name of the background correctly (including the space) OR just refresh the page


If you need a full pic of the script, just reply.

still doesn’t work. thank you though!

That happens to me sometimes. Just save it again, and make sure the name is spelled correctly.

I’m such an idiot lol. I spelled it EXT. - HAY PILE - DAY with an extra hyphen Thank you!

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