Background edit help pls!

So um, this is my first time writing a story and I really need help on my background. I decided to use the Ghamali ballroom pillars as the background of my fine dining restaurant, except that I need there to be tables and chairs and the palm trees to be buildings since it’s in the midst of Manhattan. Would be so amazing if anyone could help me!

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You need chairs and tables overlay!?

um yes omg haha!

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I can help you dear
Please check out my workshop

I do backgrounds and overlays of those bgs and splashes … to be continued overlay etc etc…

Since you are new feel free to ask any help you need, I will be there to help you out and
Its my IG- _ angryybirdd _
Dm me if you need anything here in this community

To the topic now,
You can put this request in my workshop but I can only start your request after two days coz I have my Progress list piled up!!!

If its an emergency you can dm @epi.verve
She has overlay shop and she makes best ones!!!

By the way, All the best for your story too!!!
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Hi omg thank you so much! Take all the time you need fr.

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