Background edit needed


Hey! So I need these 2 backgrounds edited so the trees are Snow White, and snow is on the ground, for both day and night.

I’d appreciate if anyone could do this for me!




I would love to try




You’re welcome to give it a shot


Lol so I failed but do you still wanna see?




Oof be warned



It’s actually pretty good


Thanks for the recommendation!


Right, I made on prior but it wasn’t very good and I’m not sure where it is. However, I just made one. I did not have pine trees, but I had snowy trees, Would that be alright with you? (No offense meant to @epsd.ama, I just saw this and went ahead working on it)
I made:
Day Winter Cabin
Night Winter Cabin with Fire and Lights on
Night Winter Cabin with Fire
Night Winter Cabin with no Fire or Lights
Here is how it’ll look, and please tell me if you would like to use it. If you want to use it, I’ll send you the images without the watermark, but you must credit me by my forum username.

Have a good day!