Background Edit Needed!



Hey! Can anyone change the room inside the open door in this background:

so that the room in the opened door is now the third zone (far right part with the fireplace) in this picture by @/alexa.episode:


I can


Thanks for the lightning fast reply! Do you have any examples of your editing work?


Like this?


Thank you so much! it’s perfect! Could you please also make the opened door an overlay?

The hallway is perfect! :slight_smile:



This is perfect, but could you make sure it’s a transparent PNG?
Thanks for all your help so far!



It’s still not transparent. Sorry for bothering you so much, but it needs to be transparent so i can use it in my story. It’s a PNG, but it’s not transparent.


I can



Its not trasparent


I think I have some software so I can make it transparent on my own, so thanks so much for the help!

@jeremy please close this thread,