💖background edit requests💖

Hello there! I’m Louise and I like doing some editing for people. It’s a hobby of mine.

So this is just an example of what I can do as an editor

I can do any sort of background edits for you, for free. All you have to do is credit me in your stories @louiseedits.epi


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The link is blocked.:sweat_smile:

Whoops sorry😂
It will take me a little while to upload it.

Thank you for being patient with me💫

Thanks for your patience! I’ve fixed the issue

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Hey Louise, Would you like to work with me? Here is thread CLICK ME GIRL!!!

I would love to join you! Your background edits are amazing!

I’ve never partnered up with someone before as this is my first time editing and actually letting the public see.

Just reply and tell me what I have to do and how I can help out, and I will definitely get back to you

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Well basically when people request you or I can do it. Let’s get started

So I see that there is a waiting list at the bottom of the page. My phone is being a pain in the butt so I can’t go up the page to see what they have requested. Could you describe to me what they wanted?