Background error in script

Episode approved my background but the script does not recognize it. What do i do? I’ve tried refreshing and reimporting.

line 3

@ASTRO enters from left …

It could actually have to do with the directing command below because this shouldn’t work (walks from left to spot…).

i did that but it still isn’t working. could it be the site?
@EtherealWitch @Anyi.E

also delete “in zone 1”

no sorry didn’t work

The thing is that you cannot combine a spot directing command with the ‘enter from left’ - you either have to use ‘enters from left’ or place the character outside of the screen (with a spot-command) and THEN you can have him walk to the spot (ASTRO walks to spot…)

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This has happened to me before and I realize I just typed it wrong, try to copy and then paste the exact name of the background

i’ve tried everything but nothing.

there’s a full stop after ‘ASTRO face right’ - it needs to be deleted

… and there’s also still something else wrong with it! - maybe try watching one of Joseph Evans videos on Youtube? He explains some directing stuff really well - there’s surely something about character placement

i deleted that as well but still about the background

Check the name of the bg
Also reload the page

that is what the top pic is. I have eveything correct. INT. SPACE BACKGROUND

Try reloading

so i have to reupload it?

Let me try thanks everyone i’ll let yoiu know

You have saved the page before r8?
Then It won’t be a problem. So, reload it

@CHARACTER enters from left to screen center
@CHARACTER walks to spot XYZ
You can’t combine both :heart:

ok i’ve done everything and reuploaded it idk what to do

everything is working fine now. that specific error will pop up until episode approves or declines your background, you can continue writing until then. It won’t effect your story.