Background error?


In my stories, I use custom backgrounds but when I put them in the script it says they don’t exist. Does anyone know what is happening or how to fix it? In one of the episodes one background works fine but in the next it says it doesn’t exist I am so confused??


Check to see if you spelled it correctly.

Can you post a screenshot of your script. Usually when you get that error it means there’s a different error that’s before or after the background name.


I can send the screenshot but I know I didn’t spell it wrong because I checked it several times and then copied and pasted the name from my art catalogue


This is the episode I just started but I also have this same message on my other story.


You need to add the character’s name again to make them face left or right

@ ROMA stands screen right AND ROMA faces left
@ SOPHIE stands csreen left AND SOPHIE faces right


Ok :slight_smile: Thanks


@missmiya ur pp was finished ages ago lol.


Sorryyy for being off topic…


Oh lol thanks


Have you sent it me? I can’t find it


checckk ur tags… I thinnnkkk I have lol


I found it lol oops thank you so much!!!


Ur welcome!