Background for Intro HELP

Hey guys!!! I am starting to write on episode again but I forget how to do intro. If anyone could help these backgrounds fade into each other slowly for an intro that would be appreciate!!!

Upload them as overlays and set them on different layers where they overlay nicely together to get the look you’re after

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THANK YOUUU :heartbeat: !!

Here’s how I’d code it:

INT. BACKGROUND - NIGHT with INTRO1 at layer 2 with INTRO2 at layer 1 with INTRO3 at layer 0

#Fade in for a smooth look
@transition fade in black 2

@pause for 0.7
@overlay INTRO1 opacity 0 in 1

&overlay INTRO2 opacity 0 in 0.3 THEN overlay INTRO2 opacity 1 in 0.3 loop inf times

@pause for 3
@transition fade out black 1

The loop command creates a sparkling effect.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank youuuuu, you are a lifesaver!!