Background for my characters instagram needed!


I need someone to make me a epigram page/background for my character. Things like. The bio with followers ect, a post and comments…

a careless mistake

Here’s a character

Body : Copper 02

Brow : Arched Natural

Hair : Bald lol

Eyes : Round Medium - Brown Black

Face : Round Soft

Nose : Grecian Soft

Lips : Small Heart - Neutral Medium Nude Gloss

Oh haha, I didn’t need your character. I was meaning if someone could make me a Instagram app background for my characters instagram. Thank you though!

You might want to make it named something else like Epigram or something as I don’t think it will be approved as Instagram if you intend to use it in your story.

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Thank you got telling me!

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Oops I read it too quickly and missed ‘for my’ !

Sorry about that lol

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i can try! just send me character details and social media details (followers, posts, how many people are they following etc)

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Character Details

Followers: 2.9 million
Posts: 258
Following: 26
I’ll add more later if you need more

would you like her to have any posts? and what should profile picture be? bio maybe?

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Yes! Could you pm me?