Background has been in review for 5 days

I’ve been looking around forever and googled and everything is showing that my background should be approved relatively quick but it’s been 5 days and I’m still waiting for it to get approved. Does this possibly mean it’s been rejected if they just never approve it? I’m almost ready to publish it and I don’t really want to have to remove my background if it’s not been approved and I just wasn’t made aware. Also, it’s kind of irritating to see the ERROR message in the top left box every time i save or preview haha

Also sorry if this is in the wrong place, this is my first post b/c I’m kind of desperate at this point.

No, it’s doesnt mean that.
Reviews on backgrounds may take a while, especially since there’s a contest going on.
I would just wait and see.

That happened to me as well, just have patience they will be approved😊

Mine waited almost two weeks but finally got approved today so hopefully soon for you.

Unfortunately Episode has this problem with many people. I follow multiple authors on Instagram who constantly complain about Episode’s inability to approve backgrounds and overlays in a timely manner; I’ve seen an author wait a month, if not more. They usually either ignore requests or send a generic reply, so unfortunately all there is to do is wait.

They can take up to 2 weeks. Honestly. It just depends. Sometimes I wait for weeks, once I got it approved in 10 minutes

I’ve been waiting for at least 5 days now and the story has been ready to publish. I’m waiting for the cover so that I can publish but it’s taking forever which sucks

Normally it is around a week or so, that’s usually how long i have to wait for mine to get approved.

Yep, every month there will be a contest going on. So, we will experience this a lot. So, just be patient, they will approve it. @soggybear


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Alright, thank you for all the feedback everyone! I will definitely keep that link in mind for the next time I post, thanks!

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