Background help anyone?


Any one want to make me a background ofna back yard with toys and play set in it? Day and night?


I can try. I will send you a picture give me a few minutes


You’re the best thank you for helping me out. :blush:


do you want table and chairs like a patio table ?


Sure. As long as there is toys and maybe a play set in it for kids. My story is about a mom and her two twins and they meet a guy names Spencer in the story so has to be kid friendly back yard


are the twins a set 2 girls 2 boys or is it a boy and girl?


Boy and girl.


one more question sorry. can it be size 640 X 1136 ?
or bigger?




age range for twin? i am almost done
So I know what toys are for their age range


This is what I did so far just need to add more toys if you want me to adjust anything let me know


It looks great so far.


Hey @Bethany1 I make custom backgrounds, so be sure to check out my thread!


do you still want me to finish if so need age range of kids to add more toys


Yes please. They are 4


Let me know if you want me to add or eliminate anything


For got to resize it


I like it thank you what is your IG so I can let everyone know you made it.


I don’t have an instagram account.
Just go by


I sure will thank you so much.