Background Help Badly Needed


I need help figuring out how to upload a background with 3 panels/zones. I can’t put in a background that’s larger than 640x1366. Someone, please help me out :woman_facepalming:


Backgrounds need to be 640/1280/1920 x 1136
640 = 1 zone
1280 = 2 zones
1920 = 3 zones

You need to resize the image.


Hahaha sorry I couldn’t help you earlier


That doesn’t help me. I already tried that. I did resize the image. “It’s too large”


Your back ground has to be one of these three
640x1136 - One Zone
1280x1136 - Two Zones
1920x1136 - Three zones


Let me see the background.


The person that made the background I gave you my co author Frand was 640x1136


I got it, finally. Thanks everyone. :woman_facepalming: