Background help // credit is always given

Who can add beige blinds/curtains to a pic?

I can give it ago for you

why are you so sweet I can’t!!

u logged into ur Insta??

I don’t have an insta :confused:

It’s what I’m here for as part of EpisodeStudio!!! We are here to help and do our best!!! :grin:

ok so I’m just gonna send the pic from before because rn my Mac files are blocked due to a finder issue smh but xxx

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So you want blinds or curtains over the window… gotcha… do you need it on the day version too? I can do like open curtains for the day time as closer curtains for the night… or just opened curtains on the night??

for sure closed at night and if possible open in the day

Cool… can you send me the daytime one when possible… lol and I’m gonna get working on it now

PLS GIRL there is no rush, and again thank you soooo much

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No problem!!! :grin:

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How do these look??

I appreciate this so much! The day one is amazing but on the night one they look a bit awkward since they are at an angle, anyway you could fix that?xx. if not don’t worry about it. And please don’t think I’m being rude, and I hope it doesn’t seem that way because I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU! XX

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I can fix it… lol I thought that too…

Is this better?


Huh?? It’s to boxes… lol

oh sorry, yea its great!

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For ur credit do u want Insta, this account both or something else?