Background Help for day and night


Hey, can someone please make this background be at night or tell me how because I really dk how to do it xx


I can do it for you… give me like 5-10 mins


I was going to suggest you if you didn’t already volunteer. You did a great job with mine.


Thanks… and here is the night background for you


Please remember to credit @EpisodeStudio



Get the art you were looking for @soph.epi ? :slight_smile:


THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH ITS AMAZING!!!:revolving_hearts: I’m gonna be posting my story in summer so send me ur Insta so I can give u credit


there instagram is Episodestudio


Its so good and I could never do this so thanks so much, if ur up for it I have a few more. I really like this but is there anyway u can make the window frame a bit more white? I promise to give u credit xxx


Thanks xx


TO day pls xxx credit is always given


no for today but to change it to day x


Gotcha… I have dont night to day yet but I can try… and for the other one es I can…


I did it 2 ways use whichever you like best… lol


An when I get done with th cover I’m in the middle of than I will do your other background


How is this for the night to day?? It was he first one I changed like that… lol hope it’s good :blush:

If you need anything else feel free to on me and I’ll be glad to help you


thank you!


No problem


How did you get the photo to look like night?


Which photo


The first one