Background help (Is this legal?)

I have been searching for an hour to see if this image is copyright free or not and I can’t find it anywhere. I think it is safe to assume that it is not, in fact, copyright free.
But the problem is that it is PERFECT for my story. The aesthetic, the walls, the stove, everything is perfect. Just look:

Does anyone have something similar? Or maybe lead me to someone who might?
Or maybe you could show me a concrete way to check if it is copyright free?

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I recommend you using pixabay in the future.

Here are some similar images:

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I found this one, copyright free:

Do you mind telling me where you found your though?


These are great thank you!

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Hey , what do you search in pixabay in order to get episode backgrounds ?

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Thanks for the picture!
And to be honest I don’t remember where I got the picture originally. Probably off of google but I got it a very long time ago back when they only had the episode classic style lol.

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Ohh, I see.

“retro kitchen”
“rustic kitchen”

Through a quick reverse image search, your original one looks to show up on Pinterest. So sadly, it’s likely to be copyrighted in some way.
If the ones the other users have posted, just won’t do, you may be able to get a background maker to create something close to this.

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Hello! I found your photo on this link:

(I use Yandex image search, it’s better than Google’s.)

Here’s their copyright policy :point_down:t2:

Copyright Policy

Only wallpapers that contain © watermark or text like ‘By’ are property of You are allowed to use and distribute those as long as you do not remove any copyright or trademark notices or other notices that go with them as defined in the Free Culture License. Other than that all wallpapers published on this website are copyrighted by their respective authors. For content usage rights please read Disclaimer.

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Thanks for checking! I think I’ll use one of the pictures that were recommended above and I’ll use Yandex in the future cuz google was useless

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