Background Help Needed (LL)

how do i make an overlay for the entrance bit of INT. ROUGE KITCHEN - DAY i want to change the living room background… i cant find the living room background in the photo

I think I’d be able to help. Do you need the living room removed? Do you have a picture of the room you want to be in the entrance?

So I cut it out. It won’t work as an overlay (more than 1Mb)
You can use to create the background you want

  1. Upload the photo
  2. Add a living room as a new image layer
  3. Unlock the photo and manage layers so a living room image is under the photo
  4. Move a living room image
  5. Merge down a living room image (not necessary) and save the result

I’m awful at explaining but hope it is helpful. Credit my forum @AmeliClemonte but I don’t insist you do cause it’s not much :slightly_smiling_face: