Hello! I would love help making a background of a volleyball court. The reason why I would prefer a made one and not just from google is so that I can get multiple perspectives of the same court.
I feel as if this may be too much to ask but I would really appreciate it and do anything you want in return! (Within reason).


I can. Do you need examples


Of work you’ve done before? Sure! Thank you so much!


Here it is I’m I qualified


Yes you are XD


I have to finish a couple of requests, but I will get to you in like 10 minutes


Oh that’s fine! Don’t feel the need to be in a rush, I’m making my own cover art for my story so I have time to spare :blush:


Well, I got finished early, so what are the color details.


Oh my goodness sorry it’s been an hour! Red and blue are the school’s colors, and besides that, anything you’d like I guess.


Okay, I’m usually fast with business, but I have to do a Saturday because I have a major test


Ok, good luck!


Thanks, I’m really counting on it. If I don’t get at least a 85 I could fail,


That’s scary


I finished the test, I guess I want to see what I get next. But in order to take my mind off it, I wanna add a banner, so what’s the school name


Oakwood Highschool (I just decided lmao)




Give me 10-15 mins


Take as much as you need, can’t wait to see!


Also, can you send me the empty background you prefer because I can’t find any good ones


Empty background?